Dentures will help restore your smile and confidence levels and is an excellent solution for patients who lose their natural teeth. While dentures are a reliable option, they are not as durable as your regular teeth, so you will have to care for them properly and may not be able to eat certain foods to prevent problems and protect your dentures.

When you wear dentures, it is recommended that you avoid the following:

  1. Popcorn. This snack can be problematic for those who wear dentures because if a kernel were to get stuck underneath your dentures, it would cause severe irritation and would immediately have to be removed. Popcorn kernels will always get stuck in your teeth, and if you are new to wearing dentures, this problem will be even worse; this is why you should avoid snacking on popcorn immediately after getting dentures.
  2. Nuts. This snack does have a few health benefits and is viewed as a nutritious option, but denture wearers need to be careful. It’s best to avoid this snack during the first few months, as nuts are hard to bite through and can damage your teeth or dentures in the initial phase. Once this initial period is over, you can start eating nuts, but you need to use both sides of your mouth while chewing, as this will prevent your dentures from popping off.
  3. Steak. While a juicy steak may be delicious, it’s not a good idea for dentures because of the chewy aspect. This extra chewing will cause gum pain when combined with your new dentures, and this food can damage the strength of the teeth in your dentures or even dislodge them entirely from your prosthetic. If you are craving a steak, cut it into very small pieces to reduce the risk of damage.
  4. Staining beverages. When you initially wear your dentures, it is best to minimize your caffeine intake because dentures are just as prone to staining as natural teeth, stains will appear faster, and their appearance will be worse on new dentures. Black tea and red wine can also lead to stains, so you must be mindful of your beverages.
  5. Sticky treats. You must avoid sugary snacks and candies like gummies, toffee and caramel because removing sticky foods from dentures is even more challenging than removing them from your natural teeth. You don’t have to give up sweets altogether, however, and you can choose soft chocolates or cake whenever you crave a treat.

The experts at Compusmiles Denture Clinic will discuss this aspect with you in great detail and will tell you all about denture-friendly foods. We will go over the steps you need to take after getting a denture and answer any questions you may have, so contact us today for more information regarding dentures and their many benefits!