The only time losing teeth is a good thing is when you are a young child because it means that your permanent adult teeth are coming out and you get a visit from the tooth fairy! But after losing your permanent teeth, there is no longer a natural way to get any replaced. In order to regain the lost structures, patients can choose between several dental restoration options that can suit their needs and preferences.

Dentures can be a traditional solution to tooth loss, but many people are still using them today. Thankfully, due to advances in technology, new techniques and materials have helped improve this prosthesis in order to cater to many different needs and modern preferences. For those who are thinking about getting dentures for the first time because of tooth loss, keep reading so that you can know what to expect.


Your speech will be affected when you first get your dentures. Many know that it will be normal for them to have trouble with saying certain words. In order to help patients adjust to this, many are advised to continue to practice these words and to continue to practice through speaking out loud in general. If the dentures create a clicking sound when someone is speaking, then this means that the denturist will need to make some adjustments.


Dentures are custom made to copy the overall form of real teeth. As a result, patients can expect that their dentures will be hardly distinguishable from their real teeth since they are designed to make their smile look perfect. If the dentures are perfectly fitted to suit the patient, then their facial appearance and smile can be improved.


If there are any changes in the body, the brain will respond by letting the person know that there is something different about a certain area. When you wear dentures for the first time, the dentures will feel unnatural. It will take a little time for your oral structure to adjust to them, normal sensations will return eventually. Patients can also experience an increase in saliva production but these things will return to normal with time.


The teeth are an essential component when eating. First-time denture wearers need to adjust quicker, since this can be uncomfortable. To quicken this adjustment period, patients will be advised to start out eating soft foods and eventually move onto their normal diet. To avoid any soreness and irritation, you can try to stay away from consuming hot and cold substances.

The wearing of your dentures might also lead to sore spots as the mouth is adjusting to the dentures. Rinsing with a warm water and salt solution is the best solution to lessen this discomfort. Patients will also be advised to let their gums have a break by taking the dentures out during sleep. Your denturist will recommend the ideal soak for your dentures, depending on what they are made out of. Although sores in your mouth are to be expected, patients are still advised to continue wearing their dentures every day.

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