Dentures will provide patients with a better quality of life, and an increase in confidence is just one of the many benefits you will experience. Clearer speech and an improved appearance are additional benefits that dentures can offer to those with tooth loss, but smoking will affect these positive changes and will negatively impact your dentures. Cigarettes can affect the fit and function of your dentures, and the following are just some of the reasons why you should quit smoking if you are considering wearing dentures:

It Can Cause Painful And Sore Gums

Smoking after receiving denture treatment can lead to a poor fit because your gums will likely shrink and become recessed as a result of this bad habit. This will impact the fit of your dentures, and if you try to quit after receiving denture treatment, the plastic will irritate your sensitive gum tissues, and this can cause bleeding and discomfort. Your gum tissues will likely go through a regenerative process to restore the softer outer gum layer, and your dentures will probably have to be refitted once your gums heal.

Recovery Times Will Take A Lot Longer

Keeping your gums healthy and infection-free is very important, especially when wearing dentures because this will allow you to heal quickly from gingivitis or other periodontal infections. When you smoke, the nicotine will constrict the blood vessels in your mouth and body, so blood supply to your gums will be limited, and healing times will take a lot longer. This will increase your chances of developing advanced periodontal disease, so quitting is a must.

It Can Increase The Risk Of Bone Density Loss

Smoking is known to increase the rate of bone tissue loss in the jaw, and smoking while wearing dentures will cause you to experience bone density loss in your jaw a lot faster compared to patients who don’t smoke.

It Will Stain Your Dentures

Artificial teeth and the plastic base of dentures will eventually become discoloured if they are exposed to nicotine for prolonged periods of time. This addictive component is the staining substance found in cigarettes, and this aspect is similar to natural teeth, which will stain as well. Staining your dentures is something you need to prevent because once this occurs, it can be very hard to remove, and you may require a replacement, depending on the situation.

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