Are you trying to decide between full or partial dentures and not sure which would be right for you or your loved ones? Back in the day when you aged and ended up losing teeth, it meant you would need to just make do without them. However, thanks to the many advances in denture technology, you can get your smile back along with the ability to live your life the way that you always have. If you are considering dentures then keep reading to find out which option would be right for you.

Reasons for Getting Dentures

Tooth loss is a part of getting older, but many people don’t realize that there are other reasons for needing dental implants, such as getting into an accident, suffering from widespread tooth loss or untreated decay. If you fall into one of these categories, then there is no shame in reaching out for help from your dental clinic to talk about your options. You might even be surprised by the number of people who need full or partial dentures during their lifetime.

Today, dentures can increase your confidence, look natural and are surprisingly comfortable. They will help you chew foods again, and make it easier to speak after tooth loss.

Complete vs Partial Dentures

There are types of dentures available. At this point, part of the consideration between the two is up to denture affordability, but some other factors can help you decide whether or not to get a full set of dentures.

Partial Dentures

Partial sets of dentures are a good option when to replace teeth if you have a few missing in a row. They are basically just removable appliances that fill in the gap in your mouth to restore your smile. Your denturist will anchor these teeth onto the neighbouring teeth to hold them in place.

Full Dentures

A full or complete denture will give you full tooth replacement by restoring your full arch of lost or damaged teeth with new ones. It is sometimes necessary to remove teeth prior to placing in new dentures into your mouth to make sure there will be enough room for the rest to fit comfortably over your gums. Full dentures will sit snugly and suction themselves to the roof of your mouth, but they are easily removable when you are cleaning or sleeping.

The First Step to Getting Dentures

Whatever option you go with, know that both options will help you increase the functional movement with your mouth and are a great choice after experiencing tooth loss. Your experienced denturist will help you determine which option is right for you or a loved one in your first consultation.

If you are looking for affordable dentures repair, contact us today.